Are you struggling with anxiety and obsession around food, body image and weight? 

Are you suffering from an eating disorder and need outpatient support?

Do you need a safe and supportive space to understand the dynamics of this illness?

We offer a safe and supportive group therapy programme for outpatient eating disorder treatment. This is an 8 week programme with two groups each week.

The two groups are facilitated by a team with many years’ of experience in working with eating disorders

  • Joanne Burns (Psychologist M.Soc.Sci.)
  • Karlien Terblanche (Occupational Therapist, M.Occ.Ther.)


Psycho-educational and skills group:

Karlien Terblanche facilitates a weekly group focused on psycho-education in understanding the illness, body image, family dynamic and other educational and skills components.


Week 1: Introduction and overview of Eating Disorders

Week 2: Personality Profile and Defense Mechanisms

Week 3: Body Image

Week 4: The Inner Child

Week 5: Family Dynamics

Week 6: Emotional Regulation

Week 7: Anxiety Management

Week 8: Recovery and the road ahead

Therapeutic process group:

Joanne Burns facilitates a weekly group to process emotions, inter-personal dynamics and provide a safe, supportive space.

The programme needs to be committed to as a whole. Please send an email to inquire on our next starting date and cost. 

There is limited space available to ensure we keep the space intimate and safe. Book soon to secure your spot!

Click here to book, or send us your questions


The Psycho-Education group takes place on a Tuesday evening:

17:30 – 19:00

The Therapeutic group takes place on a Thursday evening:

17:30 – 19:00

Email us to enquire when the next 8 week cycle is starting

Address: TherapySmart, 57 Belvedere Road, Claremont