Is your mind constantly pulling you in different directions?

Do you struggle to focus on one thing without worrying about the next?

Do you feel like anxiety is taking over your life?

This 6-week group series is aimed at helping you create a compassionate relationship with your anxiety, as well as understanding and managing your anxiety going forward.


The content of the groups will include:

  • Understanding the anxious mind and what happens in our brains when we get anxious.
  • Why do we get anxious? The role of anxiety in our lives.
  • Experiential learning of practical tools and techniques to manage anxiety.
  • The journey forward: how to compassionately manage my anxiety after the group

A group space offers a unique opportunity to learn about your anxiety in a supportive, encouraging and safe space, with people who understand what you are going through.

There is limited space available to ensure we keep the space intimate and safe. Book soon to secure your spot!

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*Payment plans are available and sessions can be claimed from medical aid dependent on your plan.